Intelligent Design

I’ve just released my latest game, Intelligent Design, check it out! Tasked with bringing life to a barren world can you intelligently design a balanced ecosystem? It is up to you to create species of plants, herbivores and carnivores but ultimately how much control do you really have in an ever evolving ecosystem? Intelligent Design […]

Second Project Announcment

Finally I’m in the position to announce the project I’ve been working on since my last Waltonia blog post. The project is actually something I’ve been working on with a friend, Bruce, for a while. It’s going to be a free release on Android, in a nut shell it’s a retro tennis game which learns […]

A new art direction

I was trying to think of a clever title for this post but nothing came to me.  I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a good one.  A few days before Christmas I got an e-mail from a freelance artist by the name of David Maxmax.  He likes sandbox games and has always wanted to […]

Waltonia update 20/12/13

I’m off for Christmas so I’ve got some time to tinker and write a bit more detail into the changes I’ve made.  If anyone is interesting in even more technical detail let me know and I’ll make this more of a regular thing. Performance So it turns out that the two main drains on performance […]

Waltonia Update

Gameplay Increased the factor controlling when creatures die of old age. Decreased the waste from the system when creatures and plants give birth Both the above should help the survivability of herbivores and carnivores Graphics Herbivores are now procedurally draw depending on their genetics, i.e. different genes result in different looking creatures Performance Various improvements


Since I first released Waltonia I knew there would be a fine line to tread between this turning into a game, or a toy. So what’s the difference between those two things? In my mind the difference is goals, toys are fun to play with for a while but soon you’ll just put them down […]

Change Log 24/11/13

Performance More efficient looping, exciting stuff I know All variables are now stored at lower precision, should reduce load times. Graphical Added some glow effects, I think it’s subtle but nice. Added a message pop up system. This will inform you of a variety of things, such as foreign creatures entering your world. Consider this […]